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Author: Sheba Mirza

What To Do If Your Child is Being Cyberbullied – Steps Parents Can Take?

My Child is Being Cyberbullied – What Parents Can Do? “YOU’RE UGLY”. “YOU BETTER HIDE, BECAUSE WHEN I FIND YOU…” You would never want to see statements like these appear on your child’s computer, laptop or smartphone. Sadly, this is an unfortunate reality for many and there is no discrimination. It has been experienced by children, teens and parents alike. Such harassment has been classified as cyberbullying. It is online abuse that can plague a target (victim) relentlessly and in this day and age in the most public of arenas. Cyberbullying can be much worse than face-to-face bullying. The main...

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How To Find out If Your Child is Being Bullied – What To Do About It

How To Find out If Your Child is Being Bullied – What To Do About It. My Child is Being Bullied – Steps to Take Now! You find out that your child is being bullied at school. You watch your child become withdrawn, fearful and seemingly not themselves. What do you do? You don’t wait. You take action. You stop the bullying. RED FLAGS THAT YOUR CHILD IS BEING BULLIED From an earlier post, we know what bullying behavior looks like and also noted other behaviours that should not be confused with bullying, such as conflict, rough play and teasing...

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3 Reasons Why Your Child is Being Bullied

Why is my child being bullied? This is perhaps one of the most painful questions a parent may ever have to ask themselves. You hear about it on the news, from other parents, but you never think it will happen to your child. Understanding the circumstances that allow bullying is the first step in knowing how to prevent your child from being bullied. After reading this post, you will know how to recognize bullying and the reasons it exists. A follow-up post will lay out how to stop bullying. What is bullying? Bullying is a systemic form of aggression. It...

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